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Think Being® is a Coaching and Consulting business fostering humanistic change
for people and organisations to flourish.

Do You Matter?

Do People Matter to You?

For Coaching, and Consulting, Think Being® invites you to show up as you are, without judgement or an imposed agenda. In congruence with you as an individual, group, team or organisation, unconditional positive regard and confidentiality is provided for fresh possibilities to emerge.

Coaching offers a mental pause for thinking and reflecting about who we are and want to be, how we live and work, the roles we fulfil, and how we relate to the world - all of which affect our being-ness


Carving out deserved time to be curious about oneself and others, in different contexts, restores and ignites energy, creativity, empowerment and sustained change. 


Discovery and insights gained from Coaching enable committed action for individual, collective and organisational values to be actualised. If hindering resistors and limiting assumptions are challenged, there is potential for personal and collective thriving. 


You are not alone in bringing about change with a Coaching partnership from Think Being®.

Consulting brings partnership similar to Coaching. Consulting alleviates a sense of having to find a pathway on your own. It is highly customised and takes due care for sensitively helping to identify and address context and needs - group, team and business.

For some clients, this means consistent one-to-one presence. It might also take the form of Consulting key individuals at the same organisation, enabling thinking, reflection, learning, and innovative action to be shared with colleagues. For others, it means working with entire groups or teams for facilitating deeper understanding, heightened intuition, and impactful questioning through enhanced, honest communication.

Consulting enables transformation in a space where people become authentically present. We can build and sustain agile, energised teams by developing awareness of self and those with whom we work. Validating our humanity is essential. 

Consulting from Think Being® means you will not be alone in bringing about change.

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"I have always been astounded by Kirsty's capacity to work and communicate from a place of deep compassion and empathy whilst still retaining the objective, clear-minded insight that sees through even the muddiest and most complex problem.

I think it is the combination of these qualities that make Kirsty a truly inspirational and remarkable Leader, Coach and Consultant."


Anthea Hill

Career Services Coordinator at Parsons Paris (API)

"For Coaching that will develop self-assuredness for moving towards what matters with sustainable longevity, contact Kirsty. For Consultancy that brings about impactful change for humanity and businesses to fruitfully grow, Kirsty will add unique value, and ensure all are appreciated during the adventure."


Nadine Pfeifer

Founder/CEO of

"Meeting with Kirsty monthly for Coaching and Consulting sessions has really helped me to consider and try out the input I discover through Coaching sessions, and the Consulting she delivers complements the former. I have increased confidence to determine effectiveness, sustainability, impact potential, and consider challenges or obstacles. This approach has helped me to commit to a sustainable growth model as I look to expand specific branches or sectors of my business."


Lynsey Fleck

Owner/CEO of Underdog 

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